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VERBS and TENSES: structure

  • Visual representation of a verb: the basic triangle
  • Regular and irregular verb forms; practice exercises (including key)
  • Visual and auditory patterns of irregular verbs
  • English the LANGUAGE of TARZAN: history & generative flexibility of English, e.g. nouns into verbs
  • Single page visual overview of the tenses matrix blueprint including simple, continuous (progressive), perfect simple and perfect continuous (progressive) aspects
  • Practice activities for internalizing the above
  • Lexical (main) verbs versus structural (auxiliary) verbs (i.e. be, have and do)
  • Be, have and do as lexical (main) verbs

  • Two-page visual adaptation of the matrix blueprint (for content see table below)
Global Approach content table
  • Full forms, including emphatic usage, contracted forms (and tags); effects on word stress.

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